Corporates and communities

Promote sustained economic growth

  • TaxyMatch's professional services allow you to:
  • Facilitate mobility on strike days, thanks to energy-clean vehicles
  • Improve the carbon footprint of your business trips
  • Improve the carbon footprint of your employees (home-work trips)
  • Improve the carbon footprint in the organization of your professional events, make them sustainable and responsible, integrating into ISO 20121 (starting point-event).
  • Have a CSR report of your TaxyMatch consumption, to be inserted in your CSR report or your agenda 21 to increase your performance
  • For this, we offer:
  • To have a company, organization or community account
  • Grant a nominative right to use TaxyMatch for your employees
  • To set consumption limits per employee
  • For more information, contact us at

Our positive impacts according to the SDGs

Using TaxyMatch allows you to improve your transport policy in a sustainable way. For more details, see our commitments

Our service: create a societal service of public utility

Facilitate and organize fair mobility, through an on-demand carpooling service and the sharing of a vehicle with a professional driver

Our business: develop sustainable Artificial Intelligence
  • Develop a system of algorithms to help:
  • economically cheaper mobility for customers
  • socially fairer for drivers
  • more environmentally responsible

Respond to the difficulty of mobility at night in cities by offering access to a private driver, at a reduced price through sharing

Using a shared taxi / VTC increases urban safety and health at night

Reduce CO2 pollution linked to road traffic, by reducing the number of vehicles

Participate in the resilience and sustainability of cities through better traffic flow

Improve the impact on the city's public health: More health safety, through better air quality in cities More road safety thanks to the reduction in the number of accidents More urban night safety

Promote the economic integration of drivers by better remuneration of drivers Make accessible transport accessible 24/7, thanks to the pooling of the trip and its price

Providing solidarity transport for vulnerable groups

Increase access to basic resources and the creation of social ties, through the development of partnerships with associations and town halls for fragile populations

Promote sustained economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all through better remuneration of drivers which allows the sustainability of activity

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