A service dedicated to employees

During a strike

When public transport is lacking, let's not add economic difficulty to logistical difficulty. Our solution offers your passengers travel at a fair price, especially for distances that are too long on foot or by bike. Our drivers will come and pick up your colleagues or participants one after the other, grouped in the same cab because they share a similar journey to their destination, the office or the event. TaxyMatch is straightforward and with reduced travel costs and environmental impact!

At night

Long working day, staggered hours or corporate event? Sharing a taxi to get home is the ideal solution, which is safe, economical and reliable!

We can provide drivers, sedans and 8-passenger vans 24/7 or for a specific slot, on request.

Events: Drivers available 24/7

TaxyMatch provides you with 1 to 200 vehicles with driver for your corporate events or conferences. Payment for this service can be made in advance or by passengers directly on board the vehicle. The drivers are at your disposal for a slot of at least 2 hours and without time limit, 24/7. Do you want to offer high-end care to your guests? TaxyMatch is the sustainable solution! Send us your request to team@taxymatch.com to receive a commercial proposal!

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