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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions by our users
When I share the vehicle with other passengers, how long is the trip?

The duration of a shared trip is increased by max 15 minutes compared to a trip made alone. So you have this little margin to calculate to be sure to arrive on time.

On what criteria are passengers grouped together in the same vehicle?

Our algorithm organizes the sharing of vehicles between passengers necessarily located in a logical geographical area, ie on the road to the final destination. Example if the final destination is an airport or a train station: the passenger located furthest from the final destination is picked up first and the passenger closest is picked up last. Example if the point of departure is an airport or a train station: passengers share the same vehicle because they will be dropped off in the same geographic area, avoiding detours.

How long do I wait for other passengers in the vehicle?

The maximum waiting time for the driver is 3 minutes to pick up a passenger, so as not to delay other passengers. For departures from an airport or a train station, the first passenger to board the vehicle will wait a maximum of 15 minutes for other possible passengers before the driver starts. The driver will then drop passengers off at an address of their choice, but always in the same geographic area, in order to limit detours.

I booked a shared trip but I'm late, what's going on?

If you are not present at the address and at the scheduled time when your driver arrives, he will call you on the number entered in the app to notify you of his presence. If you don't answer or if you cannot get into his vehicle within 3 minutes, the driver may leave the place and continue to transport other passengers to their destinations so as not to delay them.

Do I have to pay the driver at the end of the trip?

No. Payment for the trip is made at the time of booking, through our application. TaxyMatch is responsible for paying the driver directly. You can enjoy the trip without having to worry about paying or having change, everything is already settled!

How long do I wait for other passengers in the vehicle?

Without supplement and whatever the destination, each passenger can take a checked baggage & a cabin baggage, according to models usually authorized by airlines. In case of exceeding the number of pieces of baggage or in the case of clearly “out of format” baggage (we are not to the inch), the driver can directly request the payment of a supplement. In this case, the amount is 10 € per additional baggage and / or excessive size, if there is room in the vehicle. If the baggage is not suitable for the capacity of the vehicle (size or full vehicle), the driver may refuse to take the baggage. The passenger may then choose to not make the trip, without being able to claim a refund. He can also find a solution for the baggage in question and complete the planned trip without this baggage in the vehicle.

Is the price of the trip always the same?

Our mission is to encourage you to share a vehicle for environmental reasons, by offering you the best possible value for money, while paying the driver fairly. So price variations depend mainly on traffic jams and therefore on the time spent by the driver to work. A better paid driver is the guarantee of a better service. We do not wish to take advantage of the lack of public transport (very early in the morning or late at night) or of their insecurity ( especially at night), to increase our prices. A trip to the station or the airport at 4 am could therefore be more interesting than a trip at 8:30 am. Blame it on traffic jams. This is also part of being ethical, offering fair prices without taking advantage of the “galleys” of travelers.