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Shared journeys

Share your trip and the price of the trip with other passengers. Like a carpooling service but with a professional driver.

Our shared trips

Train stations and airports transfers

Without having to walk, from your home to your airport/station with a price split up to 3.

Train stations and airports transfers

We create replacement lines, regular or on demand, especially in the event of a strike or at night.

Our lines of vans

What are the powers of your means of transport?

I am the trophic species of mobility! All mobility is built around my abilities.
the mechanical bicycle
The mobility masterpiece is me! Never late for an appointment.
the electric bike
If I'm heavy, it's not because of my jokes. I arrive safely on time and never bursted!
the electric motorbike
«- Are you coming soon? - Look out the window Caroline.»
the electric scooter
I am not gentle but I am very fun! Completely freestyle, like my fork.
the electric car
Silent as a sunrise, you can't hear me coming. I bring the light that penetrates the pollution until it disappears.
the metro, the bus
I like to surprise. And a lot of people at the same time if possible. I am where I am not expected and when I am expected I am not there!
carpooling on demand
Flexible and agile, I squeeze in. I don’t have the answer to everything but I’m learning fast!
the thermal car
Come from the past in a body of steel, to destroy your world. I'm not only programmed to kill but Sarah Connor keep quiet!
I am the trophic species of mobility! All mobility is built around my abilities.
  • Safe for yourself or for others
  • Alcohol compatibility (in moderation)
  • Speed ​​/ Fluidity / Availability
  • Day & night security
  • Autonomy / Distance
  • Sustainable development / Climate / Environment
  • Purchasing power

Our partners

Le Welcome City Lab

The Welcome City Lab is a program to stimulate innovation in tourism incorporating the world's first incubator dedicated to this sector.

Chambre Syndicale des Lieux Musicaux Festifs et nocturnes

Professional union which brings together festive venues in the music, dance, entertainment sector, nightclubs, concert venues, bar clubs and atmospheric restaurants.

Conseil de la nuit

The Parisian Night Council enables consultation and structuring of all Parisian nightlife players.

Office de Trourisme et des Congrès de Paris

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau gives you practical information to organize your trip and your stay in Paris.

Ile-de-France Smart Services

Sharing of data produced by the Region and its partners, to offer new, more attractive and more sustainable services.

NEOMA Mobility Accelerator

NEOMA Mobility Accelerator sélectionne et accompagne des entreprises spécialisées dans la Mobilité pour devenir les leaders de demain.

The ethical carpooling service on demand.

You can book a transfer directly on our app!

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TaxyMatch shared taxis, solidarity mobility during a strike period!


Travel in shared taxis at low prices.

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Solidarity service with TaxyMatch shared taxis to get to the airport, especially at night!

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TaxyMatch is the airport transfer at "unbeatable" prices.

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Coronavirus, the ethics app that offers hospital transfers to nursing staff.

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