The team


“For years, what gives me motivation
is to respond to certain mobility problems in the city.

This is why I created sustainable and fair mobility:
according to economic principles
respectful of both actors and users,

according to ecological principles
to create virtuous circles,

according to social principles
who create social connections,
and provide more security especially for women at night,

and according to the societal principle
to become a corporate citizen that positively impacts cities.

Respond to these challenges simultaneously,
is also a game played by three, each playing its part:
drivers with eco-friendly cars using TaxyMatch,
customers by sharing their journey via TaxyMatch,
and we, TaxyMatch, by having a fair commission rate,
fair for customers, drivers, and fair for us.

We are happy to build this with you. ”

Jean Edern Rougagnou

The Team


A traveler for a long time, I have suffered the vagaries of travel between city ​​centers and train stations / airports or just to come home after a night out.

I decided to create a service providing solutions to these problems shared by many people, by pooling journeys, while reducing pollution, risks of aggression, distances and costs.


Technology in business logic.

I have many years of experience in full-stack development. I am always interested in the company's strategy to contribute with my technical knowledge according to the future needs of the company.

I joined the TaxyMatch team to develop an application that goes beyond getting from point A to point B.

TaxyMatch for me is a philosophy where you can meet people who share common values. Particularly for getting around while preserving the environment.

Fullstack developer

Actor of sustainable development or CSR since 2002, I was one of the pioneers and I participate in create or promote new products or new businesses with beneficial impacts to human beings, to nature and to the Common Good.

TaxyMatch won me over with its performance on all CSR topics, and its real commitment. This is why I am happy to have joined the team by bringing my knowledge to this virtuous world of the transport on demand.


Design is a way of life for me, a passion that inspires me every day to surpass myself and grow.

Joining the TaxyMatch team was obvious to me. Even if it is a technological platform it creates social connections.TaxyMatch encourages sharing and solidarity by favoring interactions in the real world.

The TaxyMatch project is also about environmental values ​​that suit me, making traffic easier and reducing pollution

UI / UX designer
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