Lines designed for nightlife and for strikes

During a strike

When public transport is lacking, we do not add economic hardship to the logistical difficulty. Our solution allows you to travel at a fair price, in particular for too long distances on foot or by bicycle. Our app invites you to share comfortably 8 passenger vans on our various lines. These temporary lines created for the occasion may get closer to your meeting place. Your area is not served? Contact us and we will do our best to arrange a stop there!

At night, my taxi for 5 €

The evening is over. Getting home safely becomes the priority. Whether it is to be reassured or because you don't feel in condition to take a car, scooter, bicycle or scooter ... get into a taxi and share it with a small group of people, under the watchful eye of the professional driver, this is the economical solution and in solidarity with night transport. I choose the line that interests me in the app, I position myself where I want on the indicated route and the driver picks me up. In the same way as for getting on the van, getting off is at the request. Less need for fatigue and more reassuring.

Creation of lines on demand

An event for your business or is it a strike? TaxyMatch creates one or more taxi lines nothing that for you. We determine together the route and the stops to be planned, the number of vehicles desired. Your employees will travel comfortably and without waiting. Contact us and calmly plan the implementation of our solution, before the big day!