A service dedicated to employees

During a strike

When public transport is lacking, let's not add economic difficulty to the logistical difficulty. Our solution offers your employees travel at a fair price, especially for distances that are too long on foot or by bike. Our drivers will pick up your employees one after the other, grouped together in the same taxi because they share a similar route to the office. TaxyMatch is straightforward and with reduced carbon footprint and travel costs!

At night

Long working day, staggered hours or corporate event? Sharing a taxi to get home is the ideal solution, which is safe, economical and reliable!

Creation of lines on demand

TaxyMatch can create one or more taxi lines just for you. Let's determine together the route and the stops to be planned, the number of vehicles desired. Your employees will travel comfortably and without waiting. Contact us and let's calmly plan the implementation of our solution to meet your needs!

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